Massage: soft-tissue therapy that covers a diverse range of styles and techniques to help your body relax and rejuvenate 


Remedial Massage

Working deep within the muscles, remedial massage releases trigger points and knots, and also includes stretching to free areas of restriction and help correct posture. Remedial massage is designed to relieve short- and long-term, soft-tissue injuries where there is pain or loss of movement. Rehabilitation exercises are also provided. It is ideal for office workers who spend hours at a computer or desk, or those with active, busy lifestyles, as is especially beneficial for people with lower back pain or neck and shoulder tension. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment targets the deeper layers of muscle and surrounding connective tissue. Using firm pressure to loosen key areas of tightness, restoring flexibility and movement. Your therapist will likely warm up your muscles with oil and light pressure, followed by numerous techniques using thumbs, elbows and forearms combined with long flowing strokes with circular movement to work their way deep into the muscles.

Sports Massage

Get more benefits from a good work out and maximise your sport training with a body that is performing at optimal capacity. Minimise the risk of a sporting injury by preparing your body with an energising massage that uses warm therapeutic oils to revitalise tired muscles and prevent risk of injury with a personalised stretching program. Post training session, sports massage can help release a build up of lactic acid in the muscles and aid recovery, leaving you ready to tackle your next challenge.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique (using a heat ‘vacuum’ suction effect) to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph to move stagnation (metabolic waste, lactic acid) and mobilise the muscle to relax and reduce muscle pain and dysfunction. It is beneficial for alleviating muscle tension, sporting injuries and stimulating the nervous system.






Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage restores your sense of well-being and reduces mental and physical tension, fatigue and stress. By using moderate pressure and gentle flowing movements to assist the flow of blood returning to the heart, it stimulates your skin and nervous system and relaxes the muscles. To enhance the massage, specific aromatherapy oil blends are used to promote relaxation and ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is the ultimate indulgence in relaxation massage. Smooth, specially chosen basalt stones are used for their heat retaining properties and are gently heated then incorporated into a flowing relaxation massage.  The heat helps relax muscles and increase blood flow, helping to alleviate pain, increase joint mobility and leave you feeling rejuvenated with a peaceful and calm mind and body.  


Shiatsu (“finger pressure”) massage promotes health by helping restore the body’s natural balance and energy flow by incorporating a gentle pressure massage with (oriental) diagnostic techniques.  It can also promote prevention and recovery from illness by stimulating the body’s natural healing process as well as releasing endorphins to help relaxation and stress release.

Pre and Post-Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

Pregnancy massage is ideal for alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy (including sciatica, fatigue, back pain and swelling) and increasing your well-being. This style of massage is effective and safe right up until term. Breastfeeding, lifting and carrying a baby, interrupted sleep and added pressure can often lead to neck, shoulder and back pain.  Alleviate mental and physical stress with a post natal massage.