Clinical Pilates: build strength, tone & increase flexibility



Reformer Pilates

Pilates was originally developed for rehabilitation but is now a popular form of exercise. Clinical Pilates involves the key pilates principles and combines therapeutic and remedial exercises to treat specific injuries or conditions. Exercises focus on re-training and recruitment of deep stabilising muscles (core stability) as well as correcting posture and improving strength and flexibility. 

Your initial appointment will be a comprehensive consultation with one of our tertiary trained Allied Health professionals who has also completed additional qualifications to become a Clinical Pilates instructor. This approach ensures you get more than just a fitness session. Our instructors have profound knowledge of specific injuries and can adapt exercises and develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. 

All exercises range from beginner to intermediate and advanced. This is why we keep our classes small - your safety and well being is vitally important.

Clinical Pilates

Develop and maintain:

  • Core & pelvic stability

  • Flexibility & strength

  • Pelvic floor tone & spinal support

  • Posture, balance & coordination

  • Lean muscle mass

  • Healthy weight & cardiovascular fitness

Clinical Reformer Pilates at Australian Mind Body Balance operates using the latest technology with medical grade reformer machines, and with sessions specialised to your needs we believe your goals will be achieved faster. Dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Our practitioners facilitate safe and rapid rehabilitation for orthopedic, neurological and chronic pain conditions.

 Allegro 2 Reformer Machines

The latest technology in medical grade machines are offered at Mind Body Balance. The Allegro 2 is the latest machine on the market with an adjustable foot bar to allow over 475 possible exercises to be performed. 

This style of Pilates uses a sliding carriage (reformer) with pulleys and springs to provide resistance and build strength while also activating and stabilising core muscles, as well as also providing a cardio-vascular workout.

All classes are directly supervised by Allied Health professionals who also have additional Clincial Pilates qualifications. We caters for special needs including pre and post pregnancy, musculoskeletal issues and individuals recovering from injury.

Pre-booking for classes is essential as space may be limited.

Dr Natasha Hagger

Pilates Instructor

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